At Mason, we believe that we thrive together, and that kindness changes everything.

As part of this year’s Spring Into Well-Being  campaign (SIWB), we are calling on all students, faculty, staff, and alumni to spread love and compassion through random acts of kindness at Mason and in our surrounding community with the #MasonKindness campaign.

See a random act of kindness in progress at Mason or in the surrounding community? Find yourself a recipient of an act of kindness? Post about it on social media and use the #MasonKindness hashtag! Your post will appear on Mason’s Well-Being University website, MasonKindness Tags, within a week!

Track and follow posts over the entire 6-week campaign (March 20-April 28).


We will be handing out a limited number of “Kindness Changes Everything” stickers at Spring Into Well-Being events across the four campuses! Be sure to find an event to attend and grab a sticker! Special thanks go to Mason graduate student Alyssa Hadley for creating the beautiful artwork for the sticker.

Cape It Forward!

As exciting as that is, we’re not stopping there! We also believe that engaging with and connecting with others, creating social support networks, and building a sense of community are at the heart of an engaged and thriving world. That doesn’t just happen over social media. That happens when we reach out, speak with one another, share a laugh, a smile, and a kind word or act. Personal acts of kindness matter because we are social beings living in a social society.

To promote this more personal level of well-being, we are launching Mason’s first Cape of Kindness social experiment with #CapeItForward.

This year, on all Mason campuses (including Korea!!), we are conducting a social experiment where we are encouraging Mason Nation and surrounding community members to perform and look out for random acts of kindness in order to gain, and pass on the Mason Cape of Kindness! Akin to the 2000 Pay It Forward movie, we believe that all of Mason’s community members can be just as kind! This campaign is an opportunity for all of us to show just how much kindness we can spread here at Mason and beyond!

Five individuals (one at each campus; two at Fairfax) will be given a Cape of Kindness and asked to #CapeItForward to the next person they see performing an act of kindness. See the Cape? Have the Cape? Passing along the Cape? Take a picture or video post it to social media with the #CapeItForward #MasonKindness hashtags, and it will appear on Mason’s Well-Being University website, CapeItForward Tags, within a week!

Track the Capes of Kindness on the site – keep an eye out for the cape on your campus, and above all, CAPEITFORWARD!

On April 28th, the last 5 people with the Capes will be featured on our website!

The Science of Kindness

More than just a lovely idea, acts of kindness have proven benefits!

In a recent Mason News article, Damian Cristodero takes a closer look at the benefits:

“All you need to do is smile at someone, perhaps hold open a door or buy someone a cup of coffee.

The result, said Nance Lucas, executive director of George Mason University’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, would be a burst of dopamine in your brain.

“It’s a neurotransmitter commonly referred to as the ‘helper’s high,’” Lucas said. “So when we help others, we help ourselves.”

“It seems to me that random acts of kindness and compassion are particularly important in this moment of our country’s evolution,” said Rose Pascarell, vice president for University Life at George Mason. “We are moving through a larger national environment that is increasingly polarized and acrimonious.”

It’s for this very reason that we need to spread some #MasonKindness and #CapeItForward!

Spread the word and join the movement!