The MasonLeads program inspires the development, emergence, and recognition of leadership throughout the Mason community by:

  • Raising campus-wide awareness of leadership opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the local community.
  • Encouraging student, faculty and staff participation in leadership development.
  • Forming a cross-disciplinary community of leadership scholars at Mason.
  • Focusing on the diverse talents and strengths of all involved in leadership.
  • Publicizing and celebrating acts of leadership throughout the Mason community.
  • Building a culture that values leadership at all levels of the institution.

The MasonLeads program is based on a set of leadership assumptions, core values, and competencies for faculty, staff, students, and alumni to consider in their own exploration and practice of leadership. Leadership is not always designated by a formal title: anyone can engage in the leadership process and assume leadership responsibilities.  Through self-reflection and reflective practice, members of the university community can effect positive change at all levels.