Well-Being University Learning Outcomes

The Well-Being University Learning Community has identified the following learning outcomes for the Well-Being University initiative:

1. Positive Relationships

  • Create and sustain positive and sustainable relationships and social support networks
  • Deepen one’s sense of belonging
  • Treat others with civility and respect
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities
  • Promote well-being and positive change in others

2. Psychological Flexibility

  • Increase self-awareness through on-going self-reflection
  • Recognize situational demands and respond with values-driven behavior

3. Values

  • Clarify personal, professional, and community values
  • Strive for a life of purpose and meaning

4. Physical wellness

  • Pursue a balanced life of healthy nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate sleep

5.  Work engagement

  • Actively engage in the work environment
  • Learn how to thrive and make meaningful contributions at work

6. Resilience

  • Capacity to cope with significant life changes
  • Develop healthy responses to stressful situations