The Patriot Experience is Mason’s co-curricular program dedicated to helping students find their areas of interest outside the classroom. The Patriot Experience is a self-paced program where students get to choose to explore their interests from three different categories.

The Live Your Best Life category focuses on well-being. It helps students better understand themselves and how to live their best lives. This category guides students to build skills by exploring various aspects of their well-being, such as:

  • Exploring physical well-being practices
  • Practicing behaviors that contribute to the health and safety of themselves and/or others
  • Bolstering financial literacy and successfully managing their financial lives
  • Engaging in positive coping mechanisms
  • Understanding, integrating, and modeling mindful awareness and resilience
  • Engaging in healthy relationship practices to develop positive and meaningful relationships

Many of the events, programs, workshops, internships, and other opportunities offered at Mason for students are part of this co-curricular program. Click here to join the Patriot Experience at Mason360.