Well-Being Academic Courses at Mason – Graduate Courses

Mason students have access to a wide variety of academic courses encompassing one or more of the well-being learning outcomes identified by the Well-Being University Learning Community. The University Catalog is the official source for information about all courses offered by the university. The Schedule of Classes lists the classes offered for the current and upcoming semesters. Visit Patriot web to register for classes. (Note: “Key: WB Learning Outcome(s)” identifies courses that capture well-being learning outcomes such as positive relationships, psychological flexibility, values, physical wellness, work engagement, and resilience.)

Please see the list below for suggested classes available to graduate students:



Applied Information Technology

AIT 597 – Developing IT Leaders of Integrity

Considers the cultural and organizational influences and focuses on leadership’s ethical dimensions. Students identify their core values, study the attributes of effective and toxic leaders, and examine the difference between managing and leading through selected readings, discussions, team projects, in-class activities and guest presentations. Students practice and receive in-class coaching to hone their leadership skills.

WB LEARNING OUTCOME(S): values, work engagement


Special Education

EDSE 527 – Adapted Sports Recreation and Leisure (physical wellness, values)

Introduces tools for adapting sports, recreation, and leisure activities to promote the benefits of active participation, relaxation, health, and well-being for individuals with differing abilities. Students participate in simulations, research, and design. Knowledge and awareness components may be delivered via distance education.

WB LEARNING OUTCOME(S): physical wellness, values, resilience