About the Survey

What is Mason’s Well-Being University Initiative?

At Mason, we believe that “we thrive together” – shared success is one of our core values. We want to become the first well-being university, striving to create an environment in which all members of our Mason community can personally thrive while contributing to the overall mission.

In 2013, Mason’s Board of Visitors approved a new 10-year strategic plan with twelve goals. Well-being earned one of these coveted spots. Goal #7 reads: “Become a model well-being university that allows all of its members to thrive.”

Your participation in this survey provides invaluable information as we undertake this effort. Learn more about Mason’s journey to well-being and the Well-Being University initiative at wbu.gmu.edu.

What is the Gallup/Mason Well-Being Survey?

We depend on you to know how we’re doing on our journey to becoming a model well-being university. Your participation in this survey helps us measure students’ well-being, hope, and engagement and provides the university with information to guide and enhance programmatic and service efforts on well-being and engagement.

Who is eligible?

The Gallup/Mason Student Well-Being Survey and Sweepstakes is open exclusively to current undergraduate students of George Mason University (enrolled in a class for Spring 2017), 18 years and older. See full sweepstakes rules.

When does the survey launch?

The Survey launches February 20, 2017 and will remain open until Monday, March 13, 2017.

Prizes and Sweepstakes

Everyone who completes the survey within the first 48-hours wins a free donut from the new Dunkin Donuts located in Tidewater Hall on the Fairfax campus (scheduled to open in late March). ALL survey completers are entered into a drawing for additional prizes, including gift certificates from Amazon and Argo Tea. See prizes page for details and full sweepstakes rules.

How long does the survey take to fill out?

The time it takes to fill out the Gallup/Mason Student Well-Being Survey varies, but can take about 15-20 minutes.

What are the ways I can take the survey?

  • Patriot Email
    • Check your Masonlive e-mail starting February 20th.
    • Simply follow instructions in the email.

What if I did not get the email?

If you did not receive a link to the Gallup/Mason Student Well-Being Survey in your MasonLive e-mail, you are most likely ineligible to participate in the survey. Only current undergraduate students of George Mason University (enrolled in a class for Spring 2017), 18 years and older, can complete the survey. If you deleted the e-mail with your unique survey link, wait for a reminder e-mail (reminders will be sent every 2-3 days during the survey administration period).

What happens after I take the survey?

Once you finish your survey, your responses (while confidential) provide invaluable data to a network of faculty, staff, and peer leaders who are working to help Mason become a model well-being university.

Click here to see results from the Year 1 Gallup/Mason Student Well-Being Survey.

*The Gallup/Mason Student Well-Being Survey is only open to current undergraduate students (enrolled in a class for Spring 2017), 18 years and older.