We want every undergraduate student at Mason to take the time to take the Gallup/Mason Student Well-Being Survey and we are willing to give out prizes and rewards to make that happen! We have a great line-up that you do not want to miss out on:

  • EVERYONE who responds in first 48-hours wins a free donut from the new Dunkin Donuts located in Tidewater Hall on the Fairfax campus (scheduled to open in late March).*
  • ALL survey completers eligible to be entered into a sweepstakes drawing to win:
    • $5 gift certificate to Argo Tea (50 winners)
    • $25 Amazon gift certificate (4 winners)
    • $100 Amazon gift certificate (1 winner)
    • Full full sweepstakes rules:

* To redeem, print or take a screenshot of the coupon provided via web link at the end of your survey to the Tidewater Hall Dunkin Donuts (scheduled to open late March). Only those who respond within the first 48-hours will be provided with a web link to a special confirmation page with the Dunkin Donuts redemption page information. If you did not receive a web link to the page at the end of your survey, it means the first 48-hours had already passed.

Questions about the special Dunkin Donuts promotion can be directed to at Sodexo-Mason Dining.

Special thanks to the following for their generous support of the 2017 Gallup/Mason Student Well-Being Survey promotion and incentives: